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Services and Work done

In projects over the years, this consulting practice can be seen with strategically collaborating with clients to drive the business where I have been responsible for assisting managers and teams in defining, positioning, designing and presenting a range of I.T. solutions. I believe in interacting on a regular basis with senior management and stakeholders through an Agile process, applying exceptional leadership skills in managing expectations, mitigating risk and removal of any roadblocks. When consulting, I have been asked to develop proposals which define client expectations with product and services requirements necessary to achieve company/team objectives as well engineering and development with a `hands-on` approach. Furthermore, my consulting can work with the different departments and teams to manage time and expectations. While working with the Project Management there is a focus to ensure that services are implemented and delivered as scoped and required. With experience in assessing opportunities and performing necessary due-diligence around technical, operations and financial impacts, I bring a broad knowledge of I.T .solutions and professional services. There is a focus to develop interpersonal and leadership skills while being highly self-directed where needed. I am highly adaptable in taking initiative when in need, with an emphasis on effectively liaising with all levels of management while working as a team member. As a professional member of business communities like the Vancouver Board of Trade and working as a I.T. Professional for nearly 10 years, I bring excellent communication skills and required acumen. With working in so many sectors, dealing with different team dynamics, there is a focus on analytical and decision making skills. With this I bring strong process management skills (creation and change management as well as engagement) to obtain strategies with emphasis on the execution of goals​

Common Systems Analyst Task done for clients->

-Rollout of 60+  Computers with monitors, keyboards, mice and restored needed applications and drivers
- Disk wipes computers which were to be taking to be out of use
- Installed hardware, software, drivers and updates on new computers

-66 Monitor rollout/refresh
-Setting Blackberries to work with MS Outlook

- IT Support 
– trouble tickets at the Desktop Support Level
- Installed/repaired/maintained printers, laptops and desktops
- Working with VMWare
- Working with and deploying Norton Ghost images on workstations
- Rebuilding Servers
- Installed MS Office, Symantec Ghost, Norton Anti-Virus and Altaris on desktop and laptop computers to be used for Wide and Local Area Network. Then implemented and tested all systems worked on.
- Installed Citrix Neighborhood Client, and VPN software
- Used Group Policy to restrict and allow users to specialize systems. Then made and deployed Symantec Ghost images for Citrix, Laptop and Desktop workstations
- Installed hardware as well as maintain working order of all computer systems including repairs. 
- Troubleshoot systems would be all software, hardware and networking repairs.
- Introduced to Netbackup software for changing tapes in a server room
- Used DameWare to remotely check on workstations on a network 
-Set up Servers and made hardware network ready (ie. Servers, Printers and all workstations)
- Wrote a small script on how to do each setup with group policy.​