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Project Consultant / Lead Projects Roles


  • · Installed & Implemented SharePoint
  • · Customized SharePoint sites using SharePoint Designer (now in Microsoft Training for SharePoint 2013) and C# (Working with CSS to make the page look like it it could be any website – did not look like a SharePoint Sandbox site).
  • · Inserted hyperlinks, buttons, Images and other toolbox items in SharePoint Designer / Visual Studio .NET to customize the page for custom navigation
  • · Setup SharePoint Sandbox Pages and sites by downloading, installing, setting up then adding custom content, users and permissions.
  • · Setup and customized Team Sites, Wiki sites, and EnterPrise Portals in SharePoint and did the same for sandbox solutions online where I downloaded SharePoint Templates then further customized where needed
  • · Installed SharePoint templates from the Microsoft site
  • · Troubleshot SharePoint sites using SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Administration, and the Site Actions button to create web applications
  • · Used web parts which were later customized to bring content to the forms
  • · Used web parts to customize Lists and used the tree view
  • · Added and customized users, groups and set up advanced permissions
  • · Troubleshot InfoPath and SharePoint issues
  • · Linked InfoPath to SharePoint
  • · Created, designed and edited master pages, site content types and columns
  • · Created Templates
  • · SharePoint support (taking trouble tickets – on site and remote clients)
  • · As a SharePoint Contractor, designed and updated SharePoint sites using SharePoint Designer
  • · Designed ASP.NET/C#.NET web pages/portals which link out to SharePoint Pages
  • · Troubleshoot SharePoint issues
  • · Work with SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 (now 2014), Oracle, MS Access, MS Excel as a backends/data spots
  • · Projects with SharePoint Sites
  • · Develop Intranet Pages
  • · Writing documentation (UML, user handouts, and procedures
  • · Team Foundation Server
  • · PowerShell(s) scripting
  • Sharepoint Standard (includes all my Sharepoint experience as well as my own company Sharepoint farm)
  • Sharepoint Foundation (mostly worked with Foundation in a VM Environment then migrated to full SharePoint Standard Server in a real time non-VM environment)
  • Building roadmaps and strategy(this includes all of my projects more so in the last 5 years)
  • Developing SDLC (this includes all of my software development projects)
  • Sharepoint BA experience (this includes all of my software development projects from R&D, Requirements to strategic business rules and alignment as well as measuring metrics for reports)

Project Team(s) Support and Management

Project Technology Consultant / Business Analysis

  • - Bridging Production Projects with IT objectives for organizational project milestones
  • - Consistent well organized written and oral communication
  • - Demonstrating excelling analysing and problem solving skills
  • - Reporting Writing
  • - Generating Reports
  • - using SQL Queries and Macros within different BI Tools
  • -Reports for Proposal

Software/Hardware User Testing
  • - Writing Testing Procedures when implementing in software or hardware
  • - Evaluating Test Plans
  • - Monitoring Testing
  • - Troubleshooting real time testing issues
  • - streamline test results to to narrow testing scope
  • - working with Management, Users and IT to write testing procedures and result reports
  • - Monitoring and reporting this Linear, 4 layer, n-tier Production Workflow and the results there of a IBM based scanning software and it's backend.
  • - Gathering requirements of what will be needed in each phase of testing
  • - UI Testing

Reporting / Data Analysis
  • - Reporting to management with reports to access troubleshooting issues with software, hardware and human workflow
  • - working with staff to count inventory to see how scanning software (being tested) and manual results match then clearing any issues
  • - measuring and recording metrics
  • - business analysis of testing metrics,
  • - designing visuals ie. charting and graphing results
  • - analyzing metrics and working with production management and IT to discuss the success of such projects
  • - writing reports to measure usage vs. production
  • - Train Users
  • - Workflow Management
  • - measuring risk
  • - writing reports for business solutions