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 Responsibilities when engaged with clients can range from working with account executives to build solutions, participate in client facing meetings to determine business and technical requirements that will be used in developing solutions or solution alternatives that map within the client’s capabilities. We bring an understanding of the business development and management, information technology solutions, market research and technical analysis. While working with expertise in software engineering roles, business workflow engineering, business intelligence and any other services, with my consulting practice there is always value added results to business. 

Randeep Dosanjh and Partners with Clickstream Consulting Inc value building strong interpersonal relationships, promoting a team-focused culture with shared goals and accountabilities. We value influencing outcomes through leadership while taking feedback to see what is best for the team. There is always a focus on being client oriented while being able to do the technical and market research for competative and strategic advantage.

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 While working with the Project Management there is a focus to ensure that services are implemented and delivered as scoped and required. With experience in assessing opportunities and performing necessary due-diligence around technical, operations and financial impacts, Clickstream Consulting Inc has a broad knowledge of I.T .solutions and professional services. There is a focus to develop interpersonal and leadership skills while being highly self-directed where needed. This is a highly adaptable way in taking initiative when in need, with an emphasis on effectively liaising with all levels of management while working as a team member.


With all of this the strong process management skills (creation and change management as well as engagement) to obtain strategies with emphasis on the execution of goals are all at your advangtage in working with Clickstream Consulting Inc.​