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About Randeep Dosanjh & Partners...the story...

​"Gettin' had; Gettin' took; I tell you folks - It's harder than it looks" (Bon Scott, 1976)

Randeep Dosanjh might not have seen it coming but he knew what he was going to be at a young age and so did most anyone who knew him. When Randy wasn't playing soccer for Wesburn FC, wasn't at swimming lessons or playing Hardball for Renfrew Heights he was doing all that on his computer at home. When his grades started to slip, his parents enrolled him in a private school where he did his first book report  (Randy was 14) on a book his father gave him called "The Wealthy Barber" by David Chilton. Over some years after high school he didn't like school but he still went and became an Alumni of Kwantlen Polytechnic University and of a Cisco Alumni when his father gave him the only other book he'd ever received from his father, "New York Institute Guide to Investing" by Michael Steinberg. At the age of 4 he got his first computer and then these books and Randy says now that "by the time I was half alive, I knew what I was going to be!".

After his 3rd class in his Computer Information Systems program, he was working at Electronic Arts - After the second semester he had worked (and been fired) at Electronic Arts so it "took one step back and 2 steps forward" and started simultaneous internships at Business Objects (SAP) and Club intrawest while working at third blue chip firm for some money. Randy didn't want to just be a technology kid, he wanted be in the business of helping businesses get to the top of their game using technology and business solutions. Randy's ability to cold call, build relationships, strategically align himself with industry leaders within and around the Fortune 500 gave him the kind of education which didn't come close to reflecting his modest university program. Pretty soon he was on the phone with people in upper management in the largest firms in the world. Starting out as a packager helping get manufactured products wearing overalls, on to forklifts in a fish feed company to cold calling management in Fortune500 and public firms  directly. Even on rare occassions being placed for projects by Vancouver`s top recruitors. With only success in his eyes, he even cold called Managers, even Directors at the largests private institutions in North America, completing projects and recovering from downfalls, Randy is now a seasoned professional. Regardless of the obstacle Randeep still had his eyes on helping future business and free-enterprise clients he had yet to work for.

A psychologist once told his mother that the most Randy can ever be is a "Parking Lot Attendant but shouldn't work in a job handling money" so when he got his first big break, he tried buy the parking lot closest to the hospital only to find out that it wasn't yet for sale.


From starting his own contracting and consulting practice, a recruitment business for a short time building relationships with business partners like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Corp, Lenovo, Hostway Corp and supporting Covenant House of Vancouver which supports the East Vancouver area he grew up in his promise to himself and his partners to be the last stop before you need to look any further. Project Consulting is about getting the job done, one step at a time - even if that step requires a waterfall approach. As a Management and Technology professional we've had projects spanning 6 business sectors, spanning projects in more than 5 Fortune 500 firms, at least 1 Government area and more than 6 years with a previously European Union regulated firm which is still one of the largest of its kind in the world. Randeep Dosanjh and Partners hope to bring value to your team. Some sectors Randy has done work in are Manufacturing and Distribution, Time-Share and Real Estate, video gaming, utilities, financial and banking as well as Research and Development as well as public and private sectors.Randeep has partnered close to recruitment firms, technology, financial and other businesses which align well with his practical and ethical style to be unbiased in thier approach to providing equal opportunity, great customer service and working with linear and vertical partners with the same thinking while being socially responsible to communities in need without a lot of spotlight. Modest, Reliable, Profitable and Socially Responsible - you don`t need to ask those of us, it`s why Randeep and his partners are in business.

Randy takes care of his parents and his grandfather who turned 110 years old in 2015 on top of managing his business activities. He says "Somethings aren't about money. Your character nor your value to the world shouldn't be defined by how much money you have."

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